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Sixth Generation

32. Rose Fleischer4 was born in 1890 in Russia. She emigrated on 8 Mar 1891 from Friedrichstadt, Latvia.22 She died in 1964 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rose Fleischer and I. W. Miller were married after 1939. They were divorced.

Rose Fleischer and Herman B. Gottlieb were married before 1938. Herman B. Gottlieb (son of Israel Gottlieb and Amalia ?) was born in 1894 in Russia. He died of coronary occlusion at 6643 Kingsbury on 2 Jan 1938 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is buried next to Simon and Jacob Gottlieb and is probably their brother. Judy Ogilvie copied extensive files regarding their tragic deaths, one a victim of murder, the other of shock at learning of his brother's death. Rose Fleischer and Herman B. Gottlieb had the following children:



Gerald Gottlieb.4 Per conversation with Grandma Birdie, a drunk baby nurse dropped him when he was an infant. He was brain damaged and spent his life in an institution.
Per conversation with Harold Mosinger (3/20/2002) He lived in an institution in Godfrey, IL.
Share Emeth sent Gail Lewis a yahrzeit notice for him recently.
His name may be Jerome.