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Third Generation

4. Herszel Joseph MOSINGER18,19,20,21 was born in 1818 in Krakow.21,22,23 He resided at dzielnica X nr 203 in Krakow in 1857.24 from George Alexander's article on Krakow Buildings: Aleksandrowicz Residences, 1802-1939 published on the internet at http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/other/alex2.htm

The building Nr. 203 is a large three-story structure. The building is still standing and is in good repair and inhabited by many families. I have reasons to believe that its present address is Jozefa Street 22. When I visited the building in October 1997 I was told by its current inhabitants that it is the oldest standing apartment building in Kazimierz. The building is now open on one side, the neighboring structure having been demolished. From that open side one can see that each floor has an open wooden outside corridor and the building is rather attractive although undoubtedly very old. The size of building 203 can be seen from its listing in the careful Polish census undertaken in 1790-1792, entitled: "Spis ludnosci w Miescie Zydowskim Kazimierzu, przy Krakowie, w Woiewodztwie i Powiecie Krakowskim lezacym, przez Rabina Synagogi y Duchownych czyniony" (Population census in the Jewish Town Kazimierz by Krakow, located in the District and Province of Krakow, performed by the Rabbi and Clergy of the Synagogue) (Table I):


Listing of inhabitants of Building 203 in Kazimierz by Krakow

(as copied from the 1790-2 census located in the Krakow branch of the Polish National Archives, in original Polish). . . .

Inhabitants of building 203 in Kazimierz/Krakow in 1790-2. (English translation).

Building No. Name Male Years White-haired Years
Mayer Dranes 1 53
Wife Keila 1 50
Hershel the seal-maker 1 30
Wife Sorl 1 20
Feivel of the Kalmans 1 24
Wife Hinde 1 24
Moses son-in-law of Schmerl 1 30
Wife Rachel 1 40
Chaim son of Isaac 1 40
Wife Feige 1 36
Abram son of Hershel 1 45
Wife Rachel 1 40
Daughter Taube 1 22
Jebel son of the butcher 1 40
Wife Itl 1 36
Son Hershel 1 20
Moses the tailor 1 71
Wife Rachel 1 30
He died before 1870.18
This is an estimated date of death--he is not listed in the Krakow census of 1870, but the family may have moved.

Herszel Joseph MOSINGER and Hanny ALEXANDER ORGLEN were married before 1845.25
This is an estimate based on the birth records of their children. They are shown as "not married according to the Civil Records" on all of their children's birth records (1845, 1847, 1850). However, they are listed as the "spouses Mosinger" on their daughters' death records (1849 and 1853).

Hanny ALEXANDER ORGLEN18,19,20 (daughter of Josef ALEXANDER and Dobrysz OF THE JACOBS) was born in 1813 in Krakow.23,26,27 She died before 1870.18 This is an estimated date--she is not listed in the Krakow census of 1870, but the family may have moved.
From George Alexander's article, "Searching for Roots in Krakow, Poland" published on line at: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~dan/genealogy/Krakow/other/alex3.htm and also in Avotaynu. He found a young woman, Hana, who might have used the Alexandr... surname and who lived in the same Building 203 that Hanny Alexandruwny and Herszl Mosinger were residents of in 1857. I have not been able to find any direct evidence that Hanny is the daughter mentioned in the following excerpt.

In the book registering births in the Jewish Town in Kazimierz in the year 1818 Jozef Aleksandrowicz and Dobrysz, daughter of the Jacobs, had a son, whom they named Samuel Aron. There are no further records of Samuel Aron, but many records of a man who calls himself Menashe (Manasse) Aleksandrowicz, who was born on the same date in 1818 and whose mother had the rather rare name of Dobrysz. I am certain that Samuel Aron and Menashe are one and the same individual. According to the birth certificate (see enclosed copy translated into English) in 1818 Jozef was thirty four, Dobrysz thirty two years old. They lived in Building 203 in the Jewish Town in Kazimierz. In 1821 Jozef and Dobrysz had a second son, Izrael Eliasz. In 1818 they both were rather old to have a first child. When we searched records prior to 1818 we found birth records of three daughters and, eventually, a record of two more. In 1805 Jozef had a girl named Schoendel. In 1807 Jozef "Alexa...", living in Building 203 in Kazimierz, had a daughter, Temerle. In 1809 another girl, Ryvka, was born, but the record of her birth is missing. We know of her existence from her wedding announcement of 1831. In 1811, also in building 203, Josef Alexander and Dobrysz, daughter of the Jacobs, had a daughter named Gele, in 1813 another daughter, Hana.

The first record to mention the name Aleksandrowicz, or something approaching it, occurs in 1807. The 1807 record is blurred and hard to read, the last name given as Alexa... or Alexe..., the wife's name is not Dobrysz but what looks like Freindel. In 1813, 1818 and 1821 this wife is listed as Dobrysz. However, we found a later document, from 1827, where both names are shown and she is listed as Freindel Dobrysz. In a still later document, from 1831, she is listed as "Dobress z Gomplowiczow", i. e. as Dobress of the Gomplowiczes. This establishes that her father was Jacob Gumplowicz. The name Dobrysz was new to me, as was the name Temerle. However, I found that the name Temerl was fairly popular in the 1800's. Indeed, in mid 1800's a nephew of Temerle Aleksandrowicz, Nachman, son of Israel Eliasz, had a daughter whom he named Temerl. In the old Jewish cemetery at the Remuh Synagogue there are two tombstones to Dobrosz or Dobrysz, who died in 1642. She was the daughter of the famous Krakow cabalist Nathan Spira (1585-1633). The Polish word "dobroc'", roughly pronounced "dobrotch", means goodness. Thus, the name Dobrysz may be a Polish translation of the common Jewish names Gitl or Guta. The name Alexander was also rare among Krakow Jews. However, the historian Meyer Balaban, in his important book of history of Krakow Jews, shows in the Remuh family tree, that Remuh's sister married Alexander ha-Kohen. Another Alexander appears as the father of one of Remuh' students, Joshua Falk ben Alexander ha-Kohen, author of a commentary to Shulkhan Arukh. In a book on Jewish trade in Krakow in the 15-th and 16-th Century published by the Krakow Academy of Arts and Sciences there is a listing of an Aleksander Jozefowicz, i.e. Alexander son of Jozef. I have not been able to establish if there is any connection between this prominent Cracovian merchant and the subsequent decision, one hundred years later, by Jozef son of David to adopt "Aleksandrowicz" as his family name.

There exists a family legend specifying that we are related to Remuh, not descended from, but related. If we assume that Jewish names repeat themselves every two or three generations, then our patriarch Jozef Aleksandrowicz may be a descendant of Alexander Jozefowicz or of the Alexander who married Remuh's sister. His wife Dobrysz may be a descendant of Dobrysz, daughter of Nathan Spira. Remuh claimed that he established his descent from Rashi (c.1040- 1105), the great sage of Troyes, Mainz and Worms. Rashi, in turn, claimed descent from the Royal House of Judah. Allowing for a little poetic license, my ancestor Jozef Aleksandrowicz may have been a descendant of King David. . . .

In my search for roots in Krakow, I have been able to establish that our family name first appeared in official documents in Krakow 192 years ago, at first as "Alexa" then as "Alexander" and eventually, in 1818, as "Aleksandrowicz", but I did not find out how it was derived. I have been able to correlate some events in the history of Krakow, the ancient coronation and burial site of Polish kings and a free Krakow Republic (1815-1846), with events in our family. . . .

Herszel Joseph MOSINGER and Hanny ALEXANDER ORGLEN had the following children:






Marya MOZYNGER was born in 1847 in Krakow.28 She died in 1849 in Krakow.23



David Jakob MOSINGER.



Rifka MOJSINGER was born in 1852. She died in 1853 in Kracow.29