Second Generation

5. Zachner Ribok was born (date unknown). According to Sam Ribok (in an interview during the Boston Genealogy Seminar in 1996), Zachner moved to New York during the depression and was in the upholstery trade with his son and son-in-law. He had one hand. According to Sam, Daniel Ribok had supported him for years.

One of Zachner's grandchildren came to Steve Freedman's bar mitzvah at Mishkin Tefillah. (note: Steve's bar mitavah was NOT at Mishkin Tefillah, but at Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA.) She was married and had children. She was an artist. According to Sam, she left her husband and went to study art in France.

Chaya ? (private).

Zachner Ribok and Chaya ? had the following children:



Izzie Ribok.



Daughter Ribok.