Second Generation

6. Nathan Ribock1,9,10,11,12,13 was born in 1886 in Wilna, Russia.1 His World War I Draft Registration Card gives his year of birth as 1884. He immigrated in 1907.12 He had filed alien registration papers by 1930. He resided in Chelsea, Massachusetts in 1910.1 Nathan resided in Mattapan, Massachusetts in 1930.9 He was a carpenter. He died on 6 June 1948 at the age of 62.14 There appear to be two Nathan Ribeck's in Boston. This record is for the Nathan buried next to Mamie. He was buried at Chevra Shaas, Secion J, side LEFT, grave 1 in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.14 Nathan died in 1971 at the age of 85.15 He was a carpenter.11,16 On his 1918 World War I Draft Registration Card, he lists his occupation as carpenter and his employer as Daniel Ribeck. Sam Ribok told a story that Nathan Ribok was "not too sharp." When he studied with the Rebbe at the chedar, the Rebbe was disgusted that he was a slow learner and whacked him on the head.

Sam remembers that he lived in Mattapan and Dorchester. He may have lived in Chelsea. (Interview with Sam Ribok during the Boston Summer Seminar in 1996)

When Chuck Ribok went to Tuft's Art School, Nathan's granddaughter was in his class--but she spelled her surname differently--"Riebock" or "Ribeck".

Nathan Ribock and Mamy Steer were married on 12 September 1910 in Chelsea, Massachusetts.1 Mamy Steer11,12,13, daughter of Eliash Steer and Pere-Tere Alpert, was born in 1888 in Russia.1 She immigrated in 1909.12 She died on 12 May 1960 at the age of 72.17 Mamy was buried at Chevra Shaas, Section J, side LEFT, grave 2 in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.17

Nathan Ribock and Mamy Steer had the following children:



Sarah Ribock11 was born in 1913 in Massachusetts.11



Henry Ribock11 was born in 1917 in Massachusetts.11 Per conversation with Helen Kessel, 11/21/2005
He died young. But may have had children before he died.



Alice Ribeck11 was born in 1920 in Massachusetts.11 She lived (per Sylvia Ribok's address book) at 1550 Commonwealth Ave in Brookline, Massachusetts.



Bessie Ribock11 was born in 1922 in Massachusetts.11



Honey Ribock (private).