Third Generation

16. Michael Zar6,13,24 was born in 1907 in Lithuania.25 He died on 30 January 1994 at the age of 87 in South Africa.26 He was buried on 31 January 1994 at JHB West Park Cemetery, site U3323 in South Africa. According to Sam Ribok (in an interview during the Boston Genealogy Seminar in 1996), Danny Ribok sent his sister's sons money to go to Israel. One went to South Africa. One went to Israel. Danny sent money every Yontif. Both Sam and Helen Ribok Kessel said that they continued to send holiday cards until the 1960's.

Barbara Goldberg found the address for Michael Zar when cleaning out the house in Marblehead in 2011. Through correspondence with Cecile Barnett (a friend of Peggy's) we located his sons in South Africa in 2012.

Michael Zar had the following children:



Raphael Zar (private).27



Clive Zar.

Michael Zar and Sonia Missulawin were married in 1939 in South Africa. Sonia Missulawin24 was born (date unknown).

Michael Zar and Sonia Missulawin had the following children:



Leslie Eleazer Zar (private).