Extracts from Sussmanews


The Sussmanews was a newsletter begun in March 1934 for relatives of the Sussman family of Philadelphia.
The family had emigrated from Ponedel (Pandelys), Lithuania, and the
newsletter carried stories of interest for family members in the
United States, Lithuania, South Africa, and Palestine.

 In May, 1935, one of the editors of the Susmanews, Hirsh Laib Sussman, made a trip back to Lithuania to visit relatives and friends. 

The Sussman News presented the notes from his trip in installments.

Click on the link to download exerpts of Sussmanews describing Hirsh Laib’s trip to Lithuania

Trip to Ponedel

Another series of articles described the Sussman family history.  These extracts include vivid descriptions of the town of Ponedel, including maps and house diagrams.

Sussman Family History

There is currently a project to digitize the entire run of the Sussmanews.  For more information, contact Paula Susman-Abrams via Facebook, or join The Sussmanews group on Facebook.