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Elephant Ears

One evening, Mom cooked Elephant Ears for dinner. We were told if we wished to realize all of the health benefits of this rare and hard to acquire super food, it was important we eat all of the Elephant Ears on our plates and not discuss the meal with ANYBODY.
We were told the health benefits derived from Elephant Ears included among other things:
Increased Intelligence
Cleared complexion
Enhanced strength and vitality
Immunity from colds and disease
Feelings of elation, joy, and well being once your plate was cleared
To cook Elephant Ears, use the same recipe as liver and onions, except substitute Elephant Ears for the liver.

Scientific Methodology in Mom’s kitchen

To this day Mom swears by the superior moistness and lightness of baked goods made with White Lily flour. At some point Mom had received enough skeptical looks from people who believed that “flour is flour” that she felt her credibility was in question.

One time when Mom needed two White Cakes and only had enough White Lily flour to make one, she put her theory to test. She made the two cakes, one with White Lily flour and the other with Gold Medal flour, with all other ingredients being the same.

Mom was absolutely right. Side by side, even a non gourmand could tell the difference. Good for Mom for being confident of her convictions and not being afraid to test them in a blind taste test.